5 recommended crypto coins to watch out for this month

5 recommended crypto coins

Hello, guys this time I will share 5 Crypto Coin recommendations that must be considered, because there will be an event on the crypto coin soon. In this article, I do not recommend buying it but only sharing information on crypto coin recommendations that will do other big events or projects and this is very interesting in the world of cryptocurrency. Let’s discuss !!!

1 BitTorrent

Price BTT On CoinMarketCap Per 23 Oct 2021

BitTorrent coin must have known a lot and the crypto token was created by someone who is well-known in the crypto field is Justin Sun who is also the owner of the Tron token.

BTTC Launched

BitTorrent focuses on file-sharing technology, then all readers need to know that BitTorrent on October 31, 2021via a tweet from BitTorrent.inc BitTorrent will release its own blockchain called BitTorrent Chain or BTTC. The function of the BTTC blockchain as the second layer of Tron, where the main focus of BTTC as a cross-chain blockchain is to make the ecosystem on the Tron blockchain run on other blockchains, such as the ethereum blockchain, BSc, and other blockchains.

2. Student Coin

Price STC On CoinMarketCap Per 23 Oct 2021

Student coin or STC token has a smart contract project where the focus is on educational institutions, such as universities, educational organizations, and the like.

Roadmap STC 2021 Q3

Through the information on the Student coin website On October 31, STC will release the STC Terminal to the public. The function of this STC terminal is a platform within STC that can create tokens in the student coin blockchain ecosystem. Currently, the price of student coins seen from CMC is still cheap so it can still be bought to have a little capital.

3. Harmony

Price Harmony(ONE) On CoinMarketCap Per 23 Oct 2021

The Harmony token or can be called coin ONE can be seen from the roadmap of this Harmony website page.

Harmony One Project/Event On October 2021

In October again there are many events held by the #ONE token such as Cross-Chain NFT, Trustless Ethereum Bridge, Bitcoin Bridge, and many other events in October this so this HARMONY (ONE) token needs attention because Harmony is still applying cross-chain technology to other crypto token blockchains.


Price BasketCoin On CoinMarketCap Per 23 Oct 2021

BasketCoin is a DEFI Token, on this BasketCoin platform we can stake various types of tokens or other coins. will be released on October 31, 2021.

Governance Platform On Ecosystem BasketCoin

On coinmarketcap itself, the price of BasketCoin is still very cheap, so this is a recommended token that needs to be considered because there will be an event on October 31, 2021. This BasketCoin token is very viral on Coinmarketcoal because this BasketCoin gets the most votes when announcing the event that will be held.


Price Bifrost(BNC) On CoinMarketCap Per 23 Oct 2021

The last token recommendation is the Bifrost token, this Bifrost token is similar to BasketCoin which is a DEFI token.

Bifrost will Listing Kraken Exchange

I recommend it because this Bifrost token will soon be released on the Kraken Exchange. Where the Kraken exchange is the first largest exchange in the world. If other tokens are listed on the Kraken Exchange, usually the listed tokens will immediately go up and explode, for example, the Matic (Polygon) Token which last time when it was just listed on Kraken the price immediately went up drastically and made profits for those who had previously bought Matic (Polygon) tokens. This Bifrost(BNC) token will be released on October 26, 2021, via Kraken Exchange’s own official Twitter.


From the conclusion above, there are 5 crypto coin recommendations that must be considered because there will be many events and projects related to the technology that is designed. I do not recommend buying the crypto coin but provide information about the 5 crypto coins, the rest DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH(DYOR). thank you have reading my article don’t forget to follow the next article by following my medium blog. Thank you !!!




Berbagi Info Seputar dunia teknologi informasi,seperti Framework,Blockchain,Bahasa Pemrograman dan yang berhubungan dengan teknologi.

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Berbagi Info Seputar dunia teknologi informasi,seperti Framework,Blockchain,Bahasa Pemrograman dan yang berhubungan dengan teknologi.

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